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Chill Cryotherapy: Pain + Inflammation Relief for Osteoarthritis

What it is:

Osteoarthritis is a very common disease affecting approximately 27 million Americans, mostly over the age of 65. OA can affect any joint but it occurs most often in knees, hips, lower back, neck, hands, thumb and big toe.

In normal joints, cartilage covers the end of each bone and acts as a cushion. In OA, this cartilage breaks down causing pain, swelling and mobility issues. As OA progresses, it can lead to bone break down and growths called bone spurs. Bits of bone or cartilage may chip off and float around the joint. This provokes an inflammatory process that further damages the cartilage. In the final stages of OA, the cartilage completely wears away and bone on bone activity occurs. This leads to further joint damage and a great deal of pain.


  1. Persistent joint pain
  2. Inflammation–swelling, redness, warmth + stiffness in the joint
  3. Joint deformity that was not previously present
  4. Loss of flexibility and mobility in the joint
  5. Weakness, extreme fatigue, body malaise.
  6. Grinding noise in the affected joint.

At Chill Cryotherapy in Westfield, New Jersey we have developed a proprietary cryotherapy protocol for the treatment of osteoarthritis. Cryotherapy is extremely effective at reducing systemic and localized inflammation, particularly in joints. Cryotherapy also provides analgesic effects, so pain relief from osteoarthritis is possible. Cryotherapy is non-pharmaceutical and non-invasive–it is a very safe, all natural intervention. Cryotherapy has been used in Europe for 40 years.

We are currently testing our protocol on study participants between the ages of 18 and 75. We offer significant discounts for study participants. Study participants must commit to a treatment course of roughly 5 weeks and be medically cleared for moderate exercise. Please call us at 908-228-5711 for more information.

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