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Mother's Day Discounts Available through May 31st

All 3 Packs are 25% Off

3 Slim Pod Treatments: $99

3 Whole Body Cryotherapy: $110

3 ChillSculpt Fat Freeze Treatments: $650

3 Infrared Sauna Treatments: $99

3 ChillSkin Facial & Neck Tightening: $325

Freeze Week: 7 Days Consecutive Whole Body Cryo $99

3 Pack GainsWave: $600

3 CryoFacials or Spot Cryo: $85

1st Time ChillBody Fat Freeze: $150 (reg. $300)

1st time ChillSkin Facial/NecRejuvenation: $75 (reg. $150)

1st Time GainsWave Shock Wave: $150 (reg. $300)

Try A New Treatment for Just $20!!!

1st Time Whole Body Cryotherapy: $20

1st Time Sim Pod Treatment: $20

1st Time Infrared Sauna: $20

1st Time NormaTec Compression: $20

1st Time Celluma LED LIght Therapy: $20

First Time CryoFacial: $20

May 9th 2020

Exclusive Event Just for Healthcare Workers & 1st Responders!!

Choose from:

  1. Whole Body Cryotherapy: 3 Minutes

  2. Spot Cryo or CryoFacial: 4 Minutes

  3. Infared Sauna: 60 Minutes

  4. Slim Pod Treatment: 40 Minutes

  5. Dynamic Compression: 30 Minutes

  6. Celluma LED Light Therapy: 30 Minutes

Please book an appointment so we can limit the number of people at one time at Chill.

Click Here to Schedule an Appointment: May 9th Only

We request that you fill out the waiver prior to your appointment to minimize contact with our staff.

Please Click Here to Sign the Waiver

For More information on each of these services please click on the services tab from the home page.

Questions please call 908.228.5711

We request that you come wearing a protective mask and gloves. We will provide you with everything else that you need!
Thank you!