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September Promotions!! 

50% Off ALL 1st Time Treatments! Buy Now Use Anytime!

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1st Time ChillSculpt Fat Freeze: $75

1st Time ChillSkin to Face or Neck: $37.50

1st Time GainsWave Treatment: $75

1st Time Whole Body Cryotherapy: $10

1st Time CryoFacial/Spot Cryotherapy: $10

1st Time Infrared Sauna: $10

1st Time Slim Pod: $10

1st time Bioptron Light Therapy: $10

1st Time Normatec Compression Massage: $10

20% Off Everything Else!

For online purchase use code september20
Includes ChillSculpts, ChillSkins, Gainswaves, Slim Pods, Wellness Packages and Regular Wellness Passes

30% Off Summer Wellness Passes Available through September 21st! These passes are 3 month commitment & include $20 Slim Pods

$120 ChillSculpt STAR Treatments! Try our new static pad ChillSculpt treatment--same great results, no chit-chat! Available to everyone, not just 1st time ChillSculpt users.

Add-on simultaneous ChillSkin for just $71

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