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Customized skin care has arrived at Chill!

We are thrilled to now offer Customized blood cream!

Formulated with YOUR own blood!

Here’s how it works: Our medical staff will draw your blood, centrifuge it to isolate the golden serum component which contains healing and growth factors that make your skin GLORIOUS! We then mix it with our proprietary base cream for the ultimate customized anti-aging and restorative skin care regimen!

Benefits of Blood Cream

  • Uses Your OWN blood!
  • promotes cell renewal
  • nourishes and moisturizes the skin
  • stops and reverses skin aging
  • eradicates inflammation
  • promotes collagen & elastin
  • reduces pigmentation & wrinkles

This product is designed to be customized for each client, based on the client’s needs and what they want for their skin care.

Blood Cream
Blood Cream

Your blood is rich in growth factors, hormones, vitamins, and proteins. These growth factors play a very important role in any type of skin rejuvenation. This is the BEST natural way to maintain and rebuild your skin!

Our Blood Cream is recommended to anyone who has:

  • wrinkles, sagging skin, or visible pores
  • problems with inflammation and bloating
  • pigmentation, melasma, scars, and freckles
  • eczema, acne, or allergies, because your blood serum has a strong anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect
  • had laser therapy, photo rejuvenation, peels, or micro-needling as it accelerates the healing process, promotes microcirculation and skin respiration

We use a base cream that mixes with your blood serum – this base cream contains short peptides that conduct the active ingredients of your blood serum through the stratum corneum to the deeper layers of the skin and activate the extracellular matrix. In addition, these peptides smooth wrinkles and blemished skin!

Our blood cream is available for purchase online. Please make an appointment with our medical team for a blood draw and blood cream preparation. Please call 908.228.5711 to get yours!

You can use this link to purchase.

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