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ChillRx CryoLipolysis: Removes Stubborn Fat

The ChillRx Cellulite & Fat Reduction Protocol Utilizes CryoLipolysis

The use of local cryotherapy to reduce fat deposits and cellulite is known as cryolipolysis. Lipolysis is the breakdown of fat cells—cryolipolysis is the breakdown of fat cells using cold temperature. Cryolipolysis reduces body fat with cold temperature and without damaging other tissues. Cryolipolysis is feasible because fat cells “freeze” or go into cell death (apoptosis) at a higher temperature than regular tissue or blood. It is estimated that fat cells freeze at 39.2 degrees fahrenheit; skin cells will freeze between 23.36 and 25.34 degrees fahrenheit.  ChillRx has determined the optimal skin temperature to maximize fat cell death while preserving client skin safety and health. Cryolipolysis (localized cryotherapy application) is not meant to be a weight-loss tool but is an effective way to kill the fat cells in targeted parts of the body that are resistant to diet and exercise.

The principle of cryolipolysis is the result of research conducted by Drs. Dieter Manstein and R. Rox Anderson of Harvard Medical School and the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Believe it or not, their research is based on the observation that children who ate a lot of popsicles got dimples because the cold reduced fat cells in their cheeks.

This research was first published in the journal, Lasers in Surgery and Medicine and proved that subcutaneous fat cells are inherently more vulnerable to the effects of cold than other human tissue. This research confirmed that fat cells, when exposed to precisely controlled cooling for a sustained period of time, undergo a cell death and gradual expulsion from the body. Destroyed fat cells are detoxified from the body naturally through the lymphatic, urinary and gastrointestinal systems. The end result is a reduction in body fat without damaging organs or other tissue.

How ChillRx Cellulite & Fat Reduction Works:

  1. Precisely controlled cooling is applied to the skin which reaches the fat layer;
  2. Cooling is maintained for a predetermined time period to damage the fat cells;
  3. Fat cells break down and are naturally detoxified for up to 3 months;
  4. Fat gradually declines in the targeted area(s) anywhere from 22 to 26%.

Treatable areas:

  • Abdomen
  • Love Handles (flanks)
  • Inner Thighs
  • Outer Thighs
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Buttocks

Does it hurt?

Cryolipolysis is not painful however your skin will feel cold. It is more numbing than painful.

What’s the downtime?

There may be redness for up to 3 days post treatment. We recommend vaseline and/or organic coconut oil to reduce redness.

Where do the fat cells go?

When fat cells are exposed to cold they become terminally injured and gradually die. Over time, the body metabolises and excretes them with absolutely no increase in either cholesterol levels or fat levels in the blood.

Will it work for me?

The ideal candidate is within 10 lbs of their ideal body weight with pockets of soft, pinchable fat.

How many treatments will I need?

Each Cryolipolysis treatment can lead to a localized fat reduction of around 10 to 15% for most patients. You may require more than one treatment depending on the amount of fat to be treated.

How long do the results last?

Cryosculpt destroys fat cells so as long as you maintain your weight with normal diet and exercise the long-term results should remain stable.

What are the risks and complications?

All non-invasive procedures carry a small amount of risk. There is a small risk of cold burn, rash and redness. Keep your cryotechnicial fully informed during your treatment if you experience cold or burning sensation.

How does it work:

The medical phenomenon of fat freezing was developed by Harvard scientists who discovered that when fat cells are exposed to cold they become terminally injured and gradually die. After further research the scientists were able to pinpoint a precise temperature that destroyed fat without damaging nerves, skin and other surrounding tissue and the concept of cryolipolysis was born.

It takes around 4 to 12 weeks for the fat cells to shrink and die during which time they are metabolised and excreted by the body as waste. Results may continue for up to 12 weeks post-treatment.

ChillRx recommends the use of compression therapy following cryolipolysis. Cryolipolysis facilitates the destruction of fat cells, allowing their contents to be evacuated and mobilized; compression therapy accelerates the detoxification of these byproducts through the lymphatic system. We recommend NormaTec dynamic compression therapy; if this isn’t available or feasible, regular compression garments (like Spanx) can be effective.

ChillRx offers cryolipolysis to remove stubborn fat deposits and cellulite from targeted areas that are resistant to diet and exercise. We have dedicated staff and treatment programs to create effective, long term results. Call us to discuss your treatment options or for pricing: 908-228-5711

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