NAD+ Intramuscular or Subcutaneous Injections

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For those looking for a quick “boost,” we offer intramuscular and subcutaneous injections of highly concentrated NAD+.

  • Patients will only need to stay for 5-15 minutes after the injection.
  • Intramuscular injection is deeper and higher volume than subcutaneous injection.
  • Subcutaneous injection has a slower release compared to IM injection.


  • Intramuscular injection 50mg NAD+: $65
  • Intramuscular injection 100mg NAD+: $120
  • Subcutaneous injection 25mg NAD+: 10 for $500 or 20 for $900
  • Boost Metabolism

    NAD+ IV therapy can help. NAD and it's twin form, NADH are primarily used in redox reactions to generate energy within your cells.

  • Reduce Pain

    Boosting your NAD levels will allow your body to heal itself better from injury especially when it comes to the regeneration of your blood vessels.

  • Promising Therapy for Addiction

    Let's be clear. NAD+ IV Therapy is NOT a cure for addiction. It's a natural therapy option that heals the brain on the cellular level and kickstarts recovery.

  • Beat the Fatigue

    NAD+ Treatment can help. IV NAD therapy addresses the core issue by supplying your body with the energy it needs to heal on a cellular level.

  • Maximize Brain Power

    It increases the function of your neurons, protects your cells from damage, toxicity and death, and promotes mitochondrial biogenesis.

  • Get Your Aging On

    Superhero enzymes, such as sirtuins, allow your cells to live long and healthy lives, leading to a better quality of life for you with bountiful amounts of IV NAD.