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Chill IV by Aqua Pura

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What is IV Therapy?

IV therapy is the intravenous delivery of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes straight into your bloodstream!! IV vitamin therapy is the only delivery method that provides 100% bioavailability, bypassing the GI tract for instant benefit at the cellular level. Oral consumption of vitamins and minerals leads to only 20 – 30% absorption.

What are the Benefits of IV Therapy?

  1. Vitamins and minerals!! Chill IV drips consist of all natural bio-identical vitamins and nutrients that are naturally found in our bodies and in organic foods. Our IVs are pure vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.
  2. Hydration! Hydration is critical for longevity: your body is approximately 70% water and all of your cells, tissues and organs (like skin!) rely on adequate hydration to work properly. It is essential to stay hydrated; IV drips work for instant hydration.

BENEFITS of Vitamins, Minerals, Electrolytes and Hydration Delivered by IV:

  • Increased energy
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Improved detoxification
  • Reduced stress
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Improved athletic performance and recovery
  • Enhanced mental clarity and focus
  • Improved jet lag recovery
  • Glowing, younger looking skin
  • Supported dehydration and hangover recovery

How It Works:

  1. Book your appointment. Call phone to schedule or schedule online here:
  2. First time dripping? Fill out waiver and medical history here:
    Please note: we require medical history and waiver to be filled out prior to your appointment. This allows our physician to review your chart prior to your IV.
  3. Select Your Drip! Choose from the ChillIV by Aqua Pura Menu Below. Need help picking a drip? Our highly trained medical team can help you select your drip when you arrive for your appointment.
  4. Arrive for your IV drip! After a quick medical consult it’s time to Sit Back. Hydrate. Nourish. Rejuvenate. Relax!

ChillIV Aqua Pure Drip Lounge Menu

1. Recover!!

From a hangover to getting over that naggy cold, working out, jet lag or just a hard week at work. Our trusted Myer’s cocktail formulation consists of 1000cc of Ringers Lactate, B vitamins, calcium and magnesium. You WILL feel better with Recover!!

Price: $199

2. Beautiful!!!

Beauty comes from inside…so let’s nourish your skin, hair, nails and every cell in your body with 1000 cc of Ringers Lactate, vitamin C, glutathione and zinc sulfate. Glow much? YES!

Price: $175

3. Immunity!

The best medicine is prevention!! Let’s boost your immune system so you don’t catch that nasty stomach bug …or if you do get sick, let’s recover you faster with a strengthened and enhanced immune system. 1000 cc of Ringers Lactate, Vitamin C, Zinc Sulfate and Trace vitamins.

Price: $170

4. Skinny!

Sometimes eating right and exercising just aren’t enough. To lose weight, you need a metabolic boost and more fat burn!! Our weight loss IV cocktail increases your metabolism and energy so you burn more fat. 1000 cc Ringers Lactate, methionine, inositol, choline, B-complex and trace elements.

Price: $165

5. Hydrate!!

Yessssss! Infuse every cell in your body with the fluid they need to thrive! 1000 cc of Ringers Lactate and trace elements.

Price: $99

Don’t Have Time for an IV? But Want a Boost?

Try one of our booster shots—same vitamin infusion without the wait!!
Our booster shots are Intramuscular injection - quick and pain-free from one of our RNs. You won’t even know it happened 🙂

Booster Shots

1. Vitamin B12

For increased mental and physical energy. 1000 MG in 1 CC fluid.

Price: $49

2. Glutathione

The master anti-oxidant great for detox and beautiful skin!!

Price: $49

3. Skinny Shot

Methionine, Inositol, Choline. Boosts metabolism and burns fat! Great complement to cryotherapy and ChillSculpt to maximize fat loss!

Price: $49

Glutathione gives your skin a brighter, more radiant glow. Glutathione is called the Master Antioxidant and is your body’s #1 weapon against harmful toxins and chemicals. It protects cells from free radicals and then sticks to harmful toxins allowing your body to metabolize and expel them.

Chill IV Oxygen Bar by Aqua Pura

Oxygen fans tout the benefits of oxygen as reducing stress, increasing energy and alertness, lessening the effects of hangovers, headaches and sinus problems, and generally relaxing the body. Our oxygen concentrator delivers 95% pure oxygen through a comfortable nose canula. You can oxygenate while you drip or request a stand-alone oxygen bar boost!!!

Oxygenate before your cryo for additional benefits!!

Benefits of Pure O2

  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve mood and concentration
  • Reduce stress
  • Provide relief for headaches and migraines
  • Promote better sleep

Price: $25 for 10 minutes of pure O2!

Chill IV Oxygen Bar by Aqua Pura