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Nanoneedling… A Revolution in Anti Aging Skin Treatment!

In recent years, the skincare industry has witnessed remarkable advancements;  one such innovation is nanoneedling. This cutting-edge anti-aging skin treatment combines the principles of microneedling with nanotechnology. Now available at Chill Cryotherapy -- let's explore nano needling benefits, the process, and potential benefits for YOUR skin!

What is Nanoneedling?

Nanoneedling, also known as nano-infusion or nano-channeling, uses tiny needles, typically smaller than a human hair, to create microscopic channels into the skin. While traditional microneedling uses longer needles, nanoneedling focuses on gentle, controlled penetration of the skin, maximizing results and minimizing discomfort.

The Process:

At Chill Cryotherapy we use a Procell device with a nano-tip to deliver active skincare ingredients directly into the skin. These ingredients are carefully chosen based on the individual's specific skincare needs, ranging from hydration and rejuvenation to brightening and anti-aging. The tiny needles create microchannels that allow the active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin, enhancing their effectiveness.

Benefits of Nanoneedling:

  1. Enhanced Product Penetration & Absorption: The microchannels created by nanoneedling facilitate deeper absorption of active ingredients into the skin, enhancing their efficacy. This allows for better hydration, improved collagen production, and increased nutrient delivery to the skin cells. Nanoneedling facilitates product penetration to deeper layers of the skin, maximizing their benefits!
  2. Improved Skin Texture and Tone: Nanoneedling stimulates collagen and elastin production, leading to firmer, plumper skin. It can help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars, resulting in smoother and more even skin texture.
  3. Lymphatic Drainage: Nanoneedling leads to significant slimming to the face, double chin and neck! You will also notice that any under-eye bags are GONE after nano needling! Nano-needling relieves inflammation & bloating.
  4. No Downtime: Nanoneedling requires little to no downtime. Unlike more aggressive treatments like laser therapy or chemical peels, nanoneedling typically leaves the skin slightly flushed for a short period; any redness or irritation subsides within a few hours.
  5. Versatility: Nanoneedling is suitable for various skin types and concerns, including aging skin, hyperpigmentation, acne-prone skin, and dull complexion. By customizing the active ingredients used during the treatment, we  can tailor nanoneedling to address individual concerns effectively.

Choose the ingredients that work for YOU!

Nanoneedling is so effective for your skin because it facilitates absorption & penetration of potent anti-aging, collagen-inducing and acne-eradicating serums! During your 1st visit we will evaluate your skin and create a custom nano needling protocol just for YOU! .Whatever your concerns are: saggy skin, double chin, jowls, under eye bags, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles or even acne -- We can help you love your skin again! Nanoneedling offers the ability to deliver targeted and potent ingredients directly to the skin's layers making it more effective and personalized.

Moreover, the continuous refinement of nanoneedling devices, such as the introduction of automated systems and finer needles, will likely lead to improved precision and comfort during treatments. This, in turn, will encourage more individuals to explore nanoneedling as a viable solution for their skincare needs.

Best of All -- Nanoneedling Doesn't Hurt...AT ALL! 

Unlike microneedling, lasers and chemical peels -- nano needling actually feels great! Like a deep facial massage that releases fluid, toxins and inflammation.

Nanoneedling is an exciting innovation that merges traditional microneedling with nanotechnology to deliver exceptional skincare results. With its ability to enhance product absorption and lymphatic drainage, lift and tighten the skin and increase penetration of active ingredients, nanoneedling is rapidly gaining popularity as THE anti aging skincare treatment! As with every treatment at Chill -- your nano needling treatment will be customized, highly effective, and transformative!

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