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Skin Bright Injection

Alpha Lipoic Acid Injection

Ready for radiant glowing skin? Our skin bright injections combine glutathione and vitamin C (ascorbic acid) to detox and revive your skin with more collagen, hydration and glow!! The purpose of our Glutathione and Vitamin C combo is to remove toxins, clear up dark spots and brighten the skin.

Benefits of Skin Bright Injections:

  • Improve skin dullness
  • Improves skin brightness and texture
  • Improves skin and scarring
  • Slows down the aging process
  • Erases age spots
  • Detoxifies the liver and cells
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Reduces the effects of stress

Recommended dosage:

1 injection once weekly for 8 weeks.

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger. Glutathione detoxifies the skin, halting free radical damage, collagen-loss, skin dryness, fine lines and wrinkles!! Injection or IV delivery significantly improves your body’s absorption of glutathione, leading to immediate radiance and glow!!

Vitamin C delivered by injection or IV can have immediate effects on the body and skin. Vitamin C produces collagen and elastin, leading to reduced fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C also reduces dark spots, blemishes, acne and pore size. Skin texture is also improved.

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