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Sunshine Shot High Dose Vitamin D3

Sunshine Shot High Dose Vitamin D3

Want a shot of sunshine? Vitamin D3, known as the “sunshine vitamin”, is a fat-soluble vitamin that works to maintain strong bones and muscles and to help regulate minerals, phosphorous, and calcium levels. The human body actually makes Vitamin D when skin is exposed to sunlight giving it the nickname: “The Sunshine Shot.”

42% of Americans are Vitamin D3 deficient which puts them at higher risk for coronary artery disease, heart attacks, and even strokes. Vitamin D deficiency is also linked to weight gain, depression and hormonal imbalances.

Recently Vitamin D3 deficiency has been linked to increased rates of Covid19 infection…and increased severity of the disease. Studies in Indonesia indicate that 98.2% of the Covid19 patients who died were Vitamin-D deficient. You need Vitamin D!

Injected Vitamin D3 is shown to be up to 80% more effective at raising levels compared to oral supplementation. Better yet, injected Vitamin D increases levels for much longer than oral dosing.

Recommended Dosage:

50000IU to 100000IU once monthly

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